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This help file is the main user reference file for the CRSS iWeb.

  1. Revision number: 1.1.2
  2. Date (last revision): 21.06.2007
  3. Revision author: Tom Marx
  4. Original author: Tom Marx
  5. Document type: Living document

This help file is a living document, please refer to the revision number and date. If you are making a change please refer to the "Author Notes" at the end of this file.

Author Notes

If you make a change to the help file please change the following information at the head of the document:
Revision number: Increment the final place holder by 1.
Date: Current date.
Revision author: Your name.

Please do not change the Original author or Document type.

Information on:
Revision number The revision number consists of 3 place holders separated by a point. (I.E. 0.0.0)
The final placeholder refers to the document and is the document revision number, this is updated on a document revision.
The first and second numbers are application reference numbers, these need to be updated to correspond with current application references.